Sunday, September 19, 2010

Once Again - Low Life Crisis

In October 1999 I was 14 years old and attended my first ever DIY punk show at The Barn in Moundsville, WV. My very limited scope of punk included bands found on $5 punk compilation cd's picked up at Sam Goody. Once Again was the first band to play and the first band I had ever seen live. They played shreddy pop punk vaguely similar to Propaghandi. The drummer almost exclusively played somewhat slower blast beats. To this day I've never heard another band that sounds very similar. Not that OA were all that ground breaking. This band stuck around too long and devolved into some sort bad Shadows Fall esque metal / punk hybrid as the Wheeling, WV DIY scene disolved. The only track missing from this download of their 2nd full length "Low Life Crisis" is a cover of "Friend" by their Wheeling, WV hardcore contemporaries Ahimsa. Don't expect this album to blow you away. I fucking love the quality of this recording and that only thing besides nostalgia that keeps this release listenable for me.

Above is the flier for the first show I ever went to. Once Again is included as one of the "guests" that night.

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